Jessica’s hair-raising efforts for children’s charity

JESSICA Booth was a cut above the rest in her efforts for the Little Princess Trust.

The nine-year-old from Top Mossley had 17 inches chopped off her lengthy locks to help provide wigs for children who lose hair following cancer treatment.

And Jessica, a pupil at St George’s Primary, has raised almost £100 for the same charity after setting up a JustGiving page.

Mum Kimberley said: “Jessica’s dad has alopeca and we had a chat saying children sometimes have it as well as losing their hair following cancer treatment.

“That gave Jessica the idea to have her hair cut and donate it to the charity to make other children happy and enable them to have long hair like hers.”

Jessica had her hair cut at Total Hair and Beauty, Top Mossley, by stylist Natalie Delagarde and Kimberley added: “She had a massive smile on her face all the time her hair was being cut.

“I think she is relieved to have had it cut as it was so long that it had become difficult to look after.”

Total Hair and Beauty gave Jessica a discount and the money saved has been donated to the JustGiving page which already has 50 likes and many positive comments.

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