Blocked public footpaths an issue for walkers

A KEEN walker has vented his frustration at the number of blocked public footpaths in the borough.

Retired local government officer Roy Parkes, who lives in Ashton, voiced his concerns to members of Mossley Town Council.

Roy cited the most recent example on a walk which took in the panoramic views from Hartshead Pike.

Hartshead Pike

He told councillors: “I was on footpath 167 and when I started walking towards Broadcarr Lane I hit a fence with the path blocked.

“I have experienced this many times and, when I have reported it to Tameside Council, have found the response rate very low.

“If Tameside Council puts pressure on landowners who block paths that would help as they have the power to take them to court.”

Councillor Stephen Homer added he is working with Tameside Council’s rights of way section regarding a path in Bottom Mossley which has been gated off.

He asked Roy to provide him with a list of blocked footpaths and he will take them up with Tameside Council.

Town Council clerk Mike Iveson took up the matter with Michael Hughes, the borough’s rights of way officer, who informed him a survey is being undertaken of all public footpaths in Tameside.

AN application for a £1,000 grant to help maintain the churchyard at St George’s Church has been rejected by Mossley Town Council.

The town council does not want to become embroiled in issues between the church and Tameside Council over the maintenance of the churchyard.

When the churchyard reached capacity in 2002 and closed, responsibility for its upkeep was transferred to Tameside Council.

However, in 2017 it was discovered a problem with the legal handover and Tameside Council stopped maintaining it.

St George’s approached the town council in 2019 asking them to take over the maintenance, but they did not have the resources as it costs £1,500 each year to mow.

The church asked for a £1,000 grant towards the cost which is £155 per visit by the contractor who visits twice each month during the growing season.

Town councillor Pat Mullin said: “It would be a dereliction of our duty if we put up our hands and it became our problem.

“We have not the inclination or the resources to deal with it.”

Cllr Stephen Homer added: “I am not unsympathetic, but I have an issue with one of the richest organisations in the country coming to the town council asking for money.”

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  1. Totally agree. The selfish tossers who live at the top end of Sidebottom Fold in Stalybridge have gone out of their way to make access as difficult as possible over the last five years.

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