Belle Vue Cool Running Colts roar to impressive victory over Leicester Lion Cubs

THE Leicester Lion Cubs had to settle for second best in Manchester as the Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts swept to another impressive 47-42 win at the National Speedway Stadium. 

Sam McGurk made a triumphant return to the saddle after crashing out of last week’s home meeting against Eastbourne with a double figure score, as did returning guest No.1 Jack Smith.

Sam McGurk (Blue) leads Joe Lawlor (White) (Credit: Ian Charles | MI News)

The visitors kept the pressure on from start to finish, and even made a minor dent in the Cool Running Colts’ lead in Heat 5 to put themselves just one point ahead.

But never content to back down from a challenge, the Mancunians responded strongly to not only recover their advantage, but maintained it through to Heat 15.

A thrilling night of action came to its conclusion with the Lion Cubs taking a point back with them to Beaumont Park and Belle Vue sitting pretty on all three league points.

Sam McGurk said: “We really needed this result, and it has really boosted morale amongst the boys. We knew Leicester were a strong side, but we were stronger on the night.

“We knew they would put us to the test and they didn’t make it easy for us, they were very quick and we had to make sure to keep last places to a minimum.

“All the lads played their part and every point we scored was crucial, and we knew we needed all three league points if we want to have a shot at the trophy this year.

“It’s not the longest season because of covid but we’ve still got time to really push and as ling as we make each meeting count I think we’ll be there or thereabouts.”

Jack Parkinson-Blackburn (Red) goes wide to pass Õll4 (Yellow) (Credit: Ian Charles | MI News)

The BikeRight Aces return to action at home in the Premiership on Monday, August 2 against three-time world champion Jason Crump, Craig Cook and their Ipswich Witches.

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Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts 47: Jack Smith 13, Sam McGurk 11, Jack Parkinson-Blackburn 8, Connor Coles 5+1, Harry McGurk 4, Paul Bowen 3+2, Ben Woodhull 3+1

Leicester Lion Cubs 42: Dan Thompson 14, Joe Lawlor 8, Joe Thompson 8, Ben Trigger 5+2, Tom Spencer 3, Kai Ward 2+2, Mickie Simpson 2

NDL Points: Belle Vue 3 Leicester 1 

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