Hyde street cleaner hangs up gloves after 30 years

A FORMER Hyde street cleaner is retiring after 30 years of keeping the streets of the town spick and span.

David Chadwick, 60, first started his role in 1990 and has worked in several different capacities throughout his time with the council.

Road sweeper David Chadwick

He said: “When I first started I worked in the Hattersley area, then from about 1995 I worked on the mechanical street sweepers and since 2001 I worked in Hyde.

“I just got really comfy in the job. I met a lot of interesting people during that time, so many different characters and witnessed a lot of unbelievable events, like the Harold Shipman case.”

David is hopeful of having a proper celebration when coronavirus restrictions are lifted on July 19, and he’s looking forward to a peaceful retirement.

He said: “I’ve loved every minute of the job; I’ll miss all my work colleagues very much.

“The main reason I’m retiring is because I’ve developed rheumatism in my hands.

“Working that many years in the outdoors, the rain it will catch up with you eventually, but I wouldn’t change the last 30 years for anything.”

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