Celtic Juniors’ starlet goes viral

A PHOTOGRAPH taken of a little girl from Mossley looking up to her hero went viral after her mum shared the snap on social media.

Anastasia Hill, 4, who plays in the reception group at Stalybridge Celtic Juniors’ Saturday soccer school, was photographed alongside a life-size wall sticker of her football hero, Manchester City Women’s and England international Ellie Roebuck.

Anastasia and her hero Ellie Roebuck

Wearing full City goalkeeper kit, matching orange boots, and her goalkeeper gloves, Anastasia looks every bit to be walking in her hero’s footsteps.

The photo has been shared across social media, collecting thousands of likes from inspired fans, and being shared by some household names like tennis legend Billie Jean King, Puma and ESPN.

Zoe said: “It is amazing how far it has gone, especially Billie Jean King retweeting it.

“A family member in Taiwan had seen it share and it has also been done in France and Spain.”

Anastasia, who is in the nursery at Micklehurst All Saints, and her mum Zoe are members of Manchester City Women’s Supporters Club.

The whole family are City fans and with the men’s games proving to be a bit too rowdy, the women’s matches are a perfect fit for Anastasia, and they are now season-ticket holders.

Ellie has met Anastasia several times and sent her an England shirt and goalkeeping gloves while the pair exchange Christmas and birthday cards – they were born in the same month.

And City sent Anastasia a pair of goalkeeping gloves that matched those of Ellie.

Anastasia in action

Anastasia, whose dream in to become an international like Ellie, receives specialist one-to-one coaching at Denton-based Reflex GK as well as attending Stalybridge Celtic Juniors.

Juniors’ soccer school takes place each Saturday and has groups for children from between four and 12 years. For more information and to register visit stalybridgecelticjuniors.com

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