‘Reach High, Go Far’ with Russell Scott Nursery

‘REACH High, Go Far’ is the ethos at Russell Scott Primary School and Nursery in Denton and they would love your child to join their nursery this September to begin their educational adventures.

The nursery will ensure the best start to your child’s learning journey and set the foundation for a happy and successful future.

It is well equipped with high quality indoor and outdoor provision, including a forest school area. 

The nursery places high importance on the value of play, independence and challenge, alongside structured group work focused on helping all children to achieve and progress. 

Children leave nursery with the communication, social and emotional skills they need to succeed in reception and have an excellent grounding in early phonics, reading and Maths.

Quality partnerships with parents enable the nursery to work together to achieve the best for every child.

Go online to find out more about Russell Scott Primary School and Nursery: http://2020eyfs.russellscottblogs.net/

All questions are welcomed.

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