Tameside Captured: Tameside through your lens

WELL, if there is one good thing to have come from winter and lockdown, it is the opportunity for people to capture Tamesides’s beauty on camera.

And many of you have certainly grasped the chance – as our newly-named Tameside Captured section shows.

The Correspondent asked its readers and social media followers to get out and send in the finest photographs of the area. And it is fair to say, we were blown away by the response.

Claire Norton was out and about catching an image of a waterfall while Dave Clayton could not resist getting a brilliant image of the Moon.

Meanwhile, Sarah Elizabeth gave us a glimpse through the looking glass with her spectacular shot.
Even the buildings and towns can create fine images, as Martyn Nolan showed with an aerial drone shot capturing Mossley in all its glory.

Ian Clark also caught the sunlight brilliantly casting a backdrop to Stalybridge’s Armentieres Square.

And while the weather may be cold, there is no shortage of animals still out, as your photos showed.

Danny McKay captured a squirrel wearing what appears to be a white coat while Neil Ramsdale caught birds feeding.

Phil Combs perfectly captured the shadow of a hare against a sunset and Tim Gisburn caught the moment a swan created a stunning reflection in the water.

• If you want to contribute to Tameside Captured, you can either email photos as a JPEG attachment to gary@localcommunications.co.uk

Or you can post them in our Tameside Captured Facebook group. Search for ‘Tameside Captured’ or head to www.facebook.com/groups/881890929224452

Star picture
Every month the Correspondent team has the challenging job of picking one photograph that really stands out from the rest to win a £20 cash prize.

This month, the picture that caught our eye was Danny McKay’s white coat squirrel.

Danny McKay – White Coat Squirrel

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