Pets Corner: Meet Eric

WHICH player immediately springs to mind when you think of Manchester United? Rooney? Giggs? Well, for me it will always be the legendary Eric Cantona!

And for this week’s Pet’s Corner, we’d like you to meet his four-legged namesake from Daisy Nook.

Eric the energetic springer spaniel takes after the famous footballer in more ways than one as well, especially as he’s not a massive fan of being confined to his lead.

The three-and-a-half-year-old pup loves nothing more than to run around at full speed just enjoying the freedom, and of course playing with his ball to boot!

In fact, it’s most forms of physical exercise from where he gets his kicks. Take him to the swimming pool and you’ll be there for a good long time persuading him to leave.

And like any self-respecting canine, takes great pleasure in finding the deepest, muddiest puddles and having a good roll around; his name is certainly fitting of him.

He’s even got a small fan club in his local area! Most folks around Daisy Nook know Eric, and for mum Justine Lane he’s a joy to be around.

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