Pets Corner: Meet Patches

MEET the beautiful Patches, a six-year-old lovely lady who never fails to make grandma Hazel proud.

Like any loyal pet, she is an expert guard dog who isn’t afraid to jump in and defend her castle from anyone who may come calling, especially poor Mr Postman!

And that doesn’t just apply to mum Lydia’s house. She loves her visits to grandma’s and is always on patrol to keep her house clear of junk mail too.

On walkies, she’s as inquisitive as they come, although she is not very fond of some of nature’s smaller scavengers like hedgehogs, birds and squirrels.

One thing she does love, and apparently can’t get enough of, is bubbles. Who needs a tennis ball when you can spend endless hours having fun with a bubble blower?!

And when her work is done for the day, Patches likes nothing more than to curl up on the sofa and watch the latest offering from Sir David Attenborough; she’s quite the fan of nature documentaries.
But any sports fans in the house must wait until after her bedtime to change the channel…

According to grandma Hazel, she can’t stand footballers! Good girl Patches!

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