Global Grooves gets share of Government’s £1.57bn Culture Recovery Fund

MOSSLEY’S Global Grooves has welcomed a near £250,000 grant from the Government’s £1.57bn Culture Recovery Fund which will help transform its current home The Vale into a purpose-built arts centre and the Northern Carnival Centre of Excellence.

The artists-led carnival arts organisation has received £234,721 from almost £24m allocated to six groups in Greater Manchester.

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The Capital Kickstart grants help cultural organisations cover additional costs, caused by Covid-related delays or fundraising shortfalls, to their capital projects, including building works, refurbishments and large-scale equipment purchases.

In the case of Global Grooves, the money will be put towards the £1m project to create an arts and culture hub at their home on Micklehurst Road.

Leon Patel, Global Grooves CEO, said: “This Cultural Capital Kickstart fund grant will enable us to create Tameside’s only dedicated arts and cultural hub and ensure those high-quality cultural experiences are right here, on people’s doorsteps. We’re incredibly excited for work to get underway.’

“The project has been delayed because of Covid and this money is really important to realising our ambitions. Without the money we would have only been able to do some of the work.

“We are delighted to have received further support from the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund.

“This investment will allow us to continue our mission to ensure that everyone in our community has access to high quality cultural experiences.

“The Cultural Recovery Fund grants have been hugely important to areas like Tameside and we are pleased that these funds are directly reaching artists, audiences and young people in traditionally under-represented areas of the UK.”

This new grant means Global Grooves has now raised £1m for the transformation project from a variety of sources including Arts Council England, The National Lottery Heritage Fund, Mossley Town Council, Arts Council England’s Small Capital Fund, Foyle Foundation, Youth Music, Action Together, Jigsaw Housing and Sports England.

Construction work will get underway in January. Once the first phase of works is complete, anticipated to be in summer 2021, local people will be able to access high quality arts facilities, including theatre, cinema and live arts venue, mixed arts studio and numerous specialist visual arts studios.

A year-round programme, expected to consist of live music, theatre, dance and cinema, will begin once the new venue has launched officially later in the year.

The Northern Carnival Centre of Excellence will continue to develop Global Grooves’ world-reaching carnival arts portfolio, nurturing new and emerging artists, creating large-scale carnival productions and hosting a wide range of workshops, courses and masterclasses from internationally renowned teachers and arts.

Global Grooves received an earlier grant of almost £150,000 from the Culture Recovery Fund which will contribute towards Global Grooves’ core costs and help to secure its post Covid-19 future to ensure it can continue delivering its ambitious vision of high-quality carnival arts with young people, artists, communities and other organisations.

Leon explained this helped as they have had no work since March and therefore no income so that grant provided much-needed financial support.

He added it has been an especially challenging period for Global Grooves which began in March 2018 when almost all their stock, stored in Ray Mill, was destroyed in a huge blaze.

“It took us a year to cover from that and, once we had just done that, we were hit by Covid,” he said.

Andy Stratford, Global Grooves’ capital project manager, added: “Tameside, as a borough, is traditionally under-represented in initiatives like this, yet the potential impact we can make here, in terms of accessibility and reaching artists, audiences and young people, is enormous.

“This investment will directly benefit local people and audiences from further afield for years to come.”

Angela Chappell, Arts Council England, relationship manager, said: “The development of The Vale is of national significance to the carnival arts sector as this will be one of few specialist creation spaces for carnival arts in the UK and the largest in the North, which we hope will provide new opportunities for innovative work and, in particular, the next generation of Carnival arts leaders and creators.

“This capital development is also a unique and very exciting new facility for Mossley and Tameside which will provide opportunities for local artists and creatives, as well as being home to workshops and activity that local people can take part in or experience as audience members which is particularly important as there is currently low engagement in arts in the borough.’

Jonathan Reynolds, MP for Stalybridge and Hyde, said: “This is fantastic news for Global Grooves and for Tameside. The Northern Carnival Centre of Excellence will be a wonderful asset to the borough, and I am really excited to see the project get underway.”

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