Lord Tebbit helps raise funds for local Conservatives

DISTINGUISHED politician Lord Tebbit took part in a fundraiser for the Stalybridge and Hyde Conservative Association.

Because of Covid-19, the event took the form of a virtual meeting on Zoom, an hour-long talk and question-and-answer session and raised more than £700 for local party funds.

The 89-year-old Tory grandee served as Norman Tebbit in Margaret Thatcher’s Government.

Lord Tebbit

He and wife Margaret were badly injured in the IRA bomb attack on the Grand Hotel, Brighton, in 1984.

Margaret was left paralysed and wheelchair bound which influenced her husband to leave the Cabinet in 1987 and stand down as an MP after 22 years in 1992 to help care for her.

Stalybridge councillor Liam Billington described the event as “absolutely brilliant”.

Lord Tebbit did not simply talk about the past but discussed current issues such as coronavirus, Brexit and Boris Johnson.

On a lighter note, Lord Tebbit was asked about the Spitting Image puppet which portrayed him as a leather clad skinhead.

He mused that when he was travelling by train on ministerial visits, he sometimes encountered football hooligans.

Whereas many politicians would have become a target of abuse, he said he never had any issues as they must have thought he was like the puppet in real life.

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