Danielle’s saving the North Pole from lockdown

EVERY city and country across the world has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, even the North Pole.

But the hard-working elves have managed to get back in the toy factory and save Christmas – and you can read all about it in a new book by an Uppermill mum-of-two.

Danielle Corrigan was inspired to write the rhyming story to help children remember the positive aspects of the pandemic as well as bring some festive cheer.

Danielle Corrigan and family christmas lockdown book

“I have always written little poems and stories for my children,” she explained. “A tradition we have is a book advent at Christmas, with different books under the tree.

“I always write one at Christmas based on something that has happened to someone in the family – usually my husband Nick as he is always doing something silly.

“So I decided to write something for under the tree about what’s happening now with coronavirus and the pandemic. The story is called The North Pole Lockdown.

“The elves are sent home to work and home-school their children and are worried as they didn’t know how they will be ready for Christmas.

“But with some hard work and social distancing they re-open the toy factory and save Christmas!

“I’ve included different things I want my children to remember about lockdown, such as clapping the EHS (Elf Health System), the PM’s first briefing and a PE teacher streaming live sessions.

“I hope families will be interested in reading it as it captures the experience in a light-hearted way and puts a positive stamp on the journey.

“I just want to show my children that even when things like this are happening, you can still make the most of the situation.”

Daughter Brooke, 11, showed her own creative side by helping Danielle with some of the illustrations and in proof reading the book.

And son Louis, 8, as well as Danielle’s parents and other family members have heard the story plenty of times already, giving it a big thumbs up.

The book is available on Amazon: www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1912494337. It costs £6.99 and is recommended for children aged four to 10 years old.

It been published by Bubble Book Press. Eloise Attenborough at Bubble Book has been a huge support to Danielle.

And it seems that one project was not enough for Danielle as she has another Covid-themed Christmas treat available.

She has designed personalised plates for Christmas Eve to leave out for Santa and Rudolph, with space for milk, a mince pie, a carrot – and a pot of hand sanitiser!

“I just decided to try it and it’s been really popular – I sold 40 in one week.” said Danielle.

“It’s just something a little bit different to help people make the most of the situation and enjoy Christmas.”

The plates (£16.50 with free delivery to Saddleworth and Mossley) are available through Danielle’s company Made By You, which also produces personalised jewellery and gifts.

Find out more about Danielle’s products on her website: www.daniellecorriganwriting.com or www.facebook.com/DanielleCorriganWriting/ or email Danielle.madebyyou@gmail.com

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