Council says dogs seized from Tameside puppy farm may be rehomed

TAMESIDE Council says 30 dogs removed from a puppy farm may find a loving home.

The Correspondent was inundated with requests from members of public wanting to know what happens to the puppies once seized with many offering to ‘adopt’ or provide a foster home.

A Tameside Council spokesperson said: “Trading Standards seized 30 puppies from a suspected unlicensed breeder at a puppy farm, which were suspected of being kept in squalid conditions causing unnecessary suffering.

“The puppies are currently with the RSPCA as part of ongoing investigations and so that they can have relevant health checks. They will have to go through a quarantine period and then will potentially go through the rehoming process.”

The RSPCA has hundreds of dogs looking for new homes across the country. Anyone interested in adopting a dog should visit the RSPCA’s Find A Pet webpage

This winter, the RSPCA expects to rescue thousands of animals from neglect, cruelty and suffering. To help our rescue teams reach the thousands of animals who desperately need us, visit and Join the Christmas Rescue #JoinTheRescue. Donating just £25 could help keep our Animal Rescue Teams on the road.

As the crisis intensifies, RSPCA frontline animal rescue and care teams are being stretched to their limit. We urgently need your help, as the number of animals in our care is set to rise. Please give any gift you can to the Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

53 Replies to “Council says dogs seized from Tameside puppy farm may be rehomed”

  1. Hi. Have you still got the black puppy ?

    He’s gorgeous.

    I’d like to be considered to re home him.
    I’ve just lost beautiful boy. He was 17.5 years old.
    I had hime for 16 years. He was a pardons Jack Russell.
    I still have a Chihuahua which she is about 11 year old I’ve had her for coming up to 7 years.

    Mobile: 07872856393

  2. Yes please to black boy or even any ,we are wanting to rehome a dog as bit lost with losing ours we have garden do many walks and very active family 🙂

  3. Yes please of corse any puppy we would appriciate it and he /she will be loved as part of our family x

  4. hi would love to adopt the little grey and whit fluuffy one thats in the cage with the white and black pups i am a pensioner on my own and it would be a lovely friend to have live with me i am young 71 year old and that puppy just reminds me of a dog i had to put to sleep because she was old and couldnt get about any more she was 14yrs old so i would love to give her r him a loving home my email is xx

  5. We have just lost our rabbit he is very much missed and the kids are getting older so I think it may be time we can give a dog a forever home, there is someone in the house 24 hours so it wont be alone and will be lived very much.

  6. Pleased could you give me more information on how to adopt one off these puppies. I have had dogs all my life and have been a fosterer for a local dog rescue called Helping Dogs Paws based in Scunthorpe.
    I lost my last collie 18 months ago and would love to adopt one of these puppies, where it will get lots of love. I would prefer a bitch but it wouldnt matter.
    I live in a ground floor flat with a nice fenced garden and there is plenty of nice walks nearby. I have adopted from the local RSPCA before getting a lovely ginger tom cat which has been brought up with dogs and my landlord Ongo Housing allow pets in their properties.
    My name is Alison Marsh

  7. I would love to give one of these gorgeous puppies a forever home… please let me know how I could do this? It would make 2 children burst with happiness if we were to get one..

  8. Hi we can Foster have loads of land for running about on just lost our little jack Russell and our other dog is missing her 😔

  9. Hi, Could you please let me know when these beautiful puppies will be ready for rehoming? We lost our precious rescue Shih Tzu early September and feel we would love to give a loving home to a new family member. We’ve had dogs all our lives so have plenty of experience. Please contact me for any information needed. Thank you

  10. Having recently lost my best mate a Spanidor,my life has abig gap, I would love another dog to fill that lonely gap that my daily long walks would be pleasurable. It would be truly loved and spoilt, it has abig garden to run in and company all day.

  11. I have been looking for a puppy to give a home to I have two kids ages 9/11 my son has autism and I know a dog would be a lovely friend for him as he is a animal lover and its been a wish of his for 3 years naw I would love to make this come true

  12. I would like to a adopt a puppy please ,had dogs all my life and my labrador would love a friend to cuddle up with on these winter nights

  13. Am happy to foster until a suitable permanent home can found.

    Always willing to foster emergency placements.

  14. Chcielibyśmy adoptować szczeniaka.nasza rodzina to czterech dorosł niedawna mieliśmy też Yorka ale niestety musieliśmy go uśpić.bardzo chcemy i tęsknimy do psa.nasz Mickey był dla nas członkiem naszej rodziny.mozemy mu zapewnić dobre warunki:dom z ogrodem ,codzienne spacery.

    1. I would like more information on how to have one of these puppies for my mother in law who has recently lost her husband and would love a forever friend. 07739533801

  15. Hi I’ve been looking to adopt at local shelters in the Moët that east past few months, I’d be very interested to hear back about any of them available for adoption!

  16. hi I would love to give a puppy a home I looked for ages on the dogs homes to addopt a puppy , doesn’t matter what sex or colour it is it would be loved and well looked after

    1. I would love to rehome one of these dogs. It breaks my heart what they were going through and would love to give them a new start in life. It would also give my dog some company.

  17. I live in Clayton, would love to give a small dog a loving home , my last dog i had for 11 years sadly passed from cancer 2 years ago , have a enclosed safe garden an fields nearby , home check welcomed

  18. Im interested in adopting one depending on the breed! I have a Miniature Dachshund, Gus 9 months old, who loves company. I live in Ayrshire right on the beach, enclosed garden also. Perfect for taking the dog a walk. All Gus’ food is weighed out. Ill leave the link to my vlogging page. First video you’ll see Gus!

  19. I would love to be considered for one of the dogs, we don’t currently have a dog, just cats but would love to complete our family with a dog, I don’t want to go out and buy a dog from a breeder when there are so many animals that need a loving home xxx

  20. Could I be please contacted about rehoming a puppy ? I have bought a puppy from puppy farm not knowing tahrs it is a puppy farm , we have lost the dog due to parvovirus after 5days. Since this time I would love to rehome one. I have two lovely chihuahuas and a bigger dog would just be a perfect felling to our family.

  21. Yes we would love to home one of these wonderful puppies. We have a 6 month old Alsatian wolf hybrid who would love a sister to play and grow old with.
    Mobile 07958265050
    Based in Stevenage with lots of open space and a beautiful lake for walkies

  22. I love to provide a loving home for a beautiful puppy I have two young children so them growing up together with the puppy as they’re forever friend would be delightful.

  23. Please can I be considered to give a loving home to one of these beautiful puppies. I lost my boy to Lymphoma in March and it’s left a massive hole in my heart and in our family. We have no children and a safe and secure fenced garden. Thank you.

  24. Please can we be considered to give one a good home we have always owned dogs all living to old age but sadly lost our 17 year old dog lately we would give one of the puppies a loving home providing everything it would need we have a secure garden and live in the countryside for long walks we ste responsible dog loving adults and would love to hear from you when the puppies are ready to go to their new homes

  25. We currently have a mini schnauzer who’s nearly 10 and is a very good dog. I would love to rehome the schnauzer as we are experienced owners and Suzie will show him/her the way.

  26. Would want to give one a home. Cocker spaniel if possible. A loving home just lost one after 13 years.

  27. Hello , I would love to re home one . I am looking for a cocker spaniel but I’d love to help give one of these babies a home . 🥰🐶

  28. Would love to rehome one of the puppies, prefababaly a labrador. Had two labradors in the past lived till 13 and 14 years.
    Hope we can be considered.

  29. Hi I’ll rehome one iv got a home with a back garden and a a front garden with huge field to take for a walks

  30. This would make my year, been looking for a puppy for over a year and would love to help regime one of these beauties

  31. We would love to rehome any of the pups! We have a chocolate lab who would love a companion! Please feel free to contact us!

  32. Hi I’ve been following this story we would love to give one of these puppies a home we lost our rescue lab last month and my other dog is in need of a companion. Please may we be considered

  33. I could offer a 5 🌟 Home with a companion dog. Plus a loving family home. I am an extremely experienced dog owner. Please contact me when any are available? Or how I can register myself. I am already on the puppy list with Manchester Dogs trust . If any go there to be re-homed. Plus I live in Tameside. So the puppy would no need to travel. Please contact me with details on how to apply. This breaks my heart animal cruelty. Thanks

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