Town Team go above and beyond

MOSSLEY Town Team has rewarded those who have gone above and beyond to serve the public during Covid-19.

They delivered 70 certificates of appreciation to shops and businesses in Top and Bottom Mossley over a three-day period.

The Town Team’s remit is to support the town centres and the certificates were given on behalf of the community to say thank you for being open when they could do so safely to support the town through the difficult times caused by Covid-19.

Town Team chair Paul Dowthwaite said: “So many people have expressed their gratitude for local businesses and services that we decided to recognise this formally by awarding certificates.

“The Town team intends to help sustain the community support for local businesses and it intends to become voice and focal point for their needs.

“In the past there were issues which were against the interests of our town centres like plans to sell the market ground to a supermarket chain, the sale of the Cross Street car park for housing and payment for parking.

“There is also one proposal which could help but which has been put on the back burner by the Mossley Town Council, namely town centre street cleaning known as ‘Mossley maintenance’.

With everyone working together we can do better.”

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