Stalybridge Music Academy hits all the right notes

STALYBRIDGE Music Academy refused to be silenced during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Though its Melbourne Street was shut for three months, the business continued to operate remotely.

Lessons and even exams went online as the academy reinvented itself using Skype and Zoom as its platforms.“At our peak we were providing 250-300 lessons a fortnight online which was amazing as we started from nothing,” explained Chris Caton-Greasley, a partner in the business.

And as the academy advertised its lessons online, it even received a request for a mandolin lesson from South Africa which was accommodated.

The academy also provided flute lessons for a woman in London.

Chris said: “We experimented with online lessons years ago, but they never took off.

“It wasn’t until we were forced to do things online after Covid that they have become popular.”

And when lockdown was eased, Chris added some students, especially the older ones, preferred to learn remotely rather than returning in person to the academy.

Chris added: “Out students were so understanding, and it is all credit to them.

“There have occasionally been problems with connectivity, but we have made it work.

“We have had some amazing families and kit has blown me away how co-operative, understanding and patient they have been.

“Everyone has had to be flexible, but I have been impressed with the way everyone adapted.”

Chris, who is supported by son Wesley, said two boys took exams online with the guitar and flute with one passing with distinction.

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