Help and fun at hand thanks to Fit Over Fifty

DO you need a helping hand with your shopping or doing things around the house? Or perhaps you want someone to enjoy games and exercise with? Then look no further than Fit Over Fifty.

The not-for-profit community interest company is now in its seventh year of providing services to people across Tameside.

Their offerings include assisted shopping or shopping for you, a companion service, domestic support, exercise classes with social gatherings and a chaperone service.

The organisation’s aim is to help the over 50s improve their health and well-being, overcome isolation and stay independent.

Their small but hard-working team ensures help is at hand when needed, as well as bringing fun and enjoyment to their clients.

“We’re a small set-up but that means it is more personal,” explained Tony Charles, one of the company’s three founders.

“Our passion is to help our clients be prepared for and make the most of later life. We tailor our support to meet your specific requirements for your health and happiness.

“Our numbers have decreased because of Covid-19 but at our peak we have about 70 people for exercise classes each week and chaperone 12 to 15.”

The popular exercise classes at Openshaw, Stalybridge and Denton bring clients together for chair-based routines building balance, strength, co-ordination and flexibility, and of course fun.

The exercises use soft balls to strengthen wrists, resistance bands to strengthen legs and arms and sometimes you can even play with pom poms!

Other services include companionship from as little as one hour per week offering conversation, playing board games and cards, doing hobbies and crafts, or shopping.

Domestic cleaning support is available, including housework, cleaning and changing bedding or if you want to get out and about with some support why not use the chaperone service?

And a special reminiscence project ‘Those Were The Days’ takes clients on a trip down memory lane back to the 1940s, 1950s and the swinging 1960s.

The group reflects on the good old days through entertainment, home, social life and work, with clips from archive films and group quizzes to evoke memories in a fun and interactive way.

The sessions last approximately 90 minutes with plenty of time to share experiences. Prices start from as little as £45 if you book all six sessions in advance.

For more information about any of Fit Over Fifty’s groups and services, visit their website or phone 07548 057715 or 0800 448 0244.

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