Citizen’s Award for college teacher’s Covid-19 contribution

DENTON’S Paula Arkinstall helped combat the PPE shortage during Covid-19 by making more than 600 face visors.

And the efforts of the head of technology at Denton Community College have been recognised with a Citizens Award from MP Andrew Gwynne.

Paula Arkinstall receives her award from MP Andrew Gwynne;

Paula used the facilities at school during lockdown to manufacture the components while she had an assembly line at home that was often manned by husband Martyn and daughters Tilly, 16, Polly, 13, and Evie, 11.

She explained when lockdown was introduced, she wanted to make a contribution to the cause.
Paula said: “My sister Susan Makepeace is an intensive care nurse who has been working on the Covid wards at a hospital in Preston.

“I wanted to do something to help but felt powerless which is why I thought I could make the face visors which were needed.

“I couldn’t help my sister directly, but I was able to protect frontline workers by providing them with face visors which was very rewarding.”

Paula added technology teachers across the country came together to share ideas about the design.

“The design technology community was great as it has a really good use of skill sets and our headteacher Greg Rule was amazing and very supportive,” she continued.

Paula received donations of materials and equipment for the face visors which were made up of five components.

They were given to local doctors, clinics, care homes and schools with requests coming through local Facebook groups and by word of mouth.

Paula and her award

Mr Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish, said: “PPE was in short supply at the start of lockdown and Paula worked in school during lockdown making visors for frontline workers who needed them.

“It is absolutely brilliant to hear stories like Paula whose used her time making the face visors which were so badly needed.”

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