No waiting scheme to get go ahead

DRIVERS will not be able to wait in an area close to Tameside Hospital as part of new regulations that may be introduced.

Tameside Council wants to introduce the measure on Mossley Road, Ashton, and put in a crossing to link a residential area with a new cycling scheme being introduced at Chadwick Dam.

Rose Hill Road at the junction with Mossley Road close to Tameside Hospital and Chadwick Dam

Councillors will make their decision at a meeting of Tameside Council’s Speakers Panel Planning Committee on Wednesday, September 23, just after The Correspondent went to press.

However, recommendations were already set out in a report, including introducing several no waiting areas by laying double yellow lines.

These include on Mossley Road’s south east side from its junction with Park Square and its north west side from a point 50 metres from its junction with Rose Hill Road for 30 metres.

If approved, the regulations will also come in 185 metres north east of its junction with Mellor Road for a distance of 70 metres and from a point 15 metres west of its junction with Old Road to a point 15 metres east of that junction.

Old Road will also see them both sides from its junction with Mossley Road for a distance of 10 metres and Rose Hill Road will also have them close to its junction with the thoroughfare.

Tameside Council held a 28-day consultation over the proposals in July and August and received one formal objection among four replies.

One identified a specific objection relating to the availability of parking in close proximity to their property on Rose Hill Road and that the extension of parking restrictions will push cars further up the road.
Another said parking has long been a concern for local residents, with hospital staff and patients using the road for free parking.
Many supported the introduction of a residents’ parking scheme but the council’s report said it does not believe it would be suitable because more than 50 per cent of people would need to support it, it would simply move parking problems elsewhere and the cost of bringing one in would be prohibitive.

It costs £30 per permit, per year, up to a maximum of two resident permits and one visitor’s permit per property.

The Chadwick Dam scheme, which will also see an extension of Rose Hill Road’s 20mph zone and a bus clearway being put in on Mossley Road, is part of the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Challenge Fund.

And if it is decided to bring in the new restrictions, all funding will come from the £160 million pot.

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