Surgeries group to be targeted with action

A GROUP formed after the amalgamation of three GP surgeries will be specifically targeted for action to improve its rating.

Ashton Medical Group, which consists of Chapel House as well as Bedford House and Glebe House, came rock bottom in the patients survey, with only just over half rating it as good.

Glebe House in Ashton-under-Lyne

Now Jessica Williams, director of commissioning at Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group, has vowed to haul its rating up by working closely with it to iron out any problems.

And it has to be done quickly or people may desert it.

She said: “It’s one of our largest practices. They merged 18 months ago. There were problems with all three in terms of access. They didn’t score highly before and those have all come together.

“Bringing it together has been very challenging. It was the right thing to do strategically but it’s taking a lot of time to turn the curve.

“We’ve been in touch to ask Ashton Medical Group how do they feel the last three or four months have gone and they believe they’ve made significant improvements.

“That, however, is not enough to reassure us and we’re going to be doing some work with Health Watch in particular around the Ashton Medical Group patients to understand if there are specific difficulties that still haven’t been resolved.

“We need to really be motoring on that because people who experience difficulty getting through to their GP practice or making an appointment and are generally disappointed, the chances are they will vote with their feet and go elsewhere, either turn up at A and E or don’t access primary care at all.”

As well as Ashton Medical Group, Tameside CCG is likely to work with two surgeries in Droylsden which scored poorly.

And things need to be done sooner rather than later.

Jessica added: “It’s been bumping along the bottom for a while on these and we absolutely need to make sure we’re assured ourselves that Ashton Medical Group has turned the corner.

“If we’ve got a problem, and in some low scoring practices we know we have, we need to do some work now rather than waiting for another survey.

“That’s what we’re going to do, then spread it to other practices.”

6 Replies to “Surgeries group to be targeted with action”

  1. One of the problems with this GP is when you ring you a a que and that can range from 9th in the line to 19 th which frustrates me then if you want appointments well you won’t get one for 3 weeks as they are all took if I need to see a doctor I except to see one that week and not in 3 weeks if the surgery as to many patients then they need to appoint more doctor or reduced their patients plus not all of us use the internet so get a appointment so you should still be able to ring in for prescriptions and not told to go on line to do not everyone as the internet so I understand why this this practice it not one of the top ones it needs to improve very quickly
    I moved over years ago from crickets lane and I have not really been happy with the service it’s is sad because there is some good doctors/ nurses at this practice

  2. I’ve been having abdominal pain for months now and instead of being referred for investigation I keep jumping through the hoops and fobbed off with antacids also my mother who has been having palpitations every night for months had been waiting for an ECG since before the 1st lockdown. Her appointments keep getting messed up and cancelled so my sister who is a paitent leioson officer in the private sector rang up to complain and the doctor said it was an admin error, and rebooked her in again and promised my sister that this time she will get her ECG. Then the day before her appointment a receptionist rang my mum and told her the appointment had been cancelled because they dont have the ECG equipment and they will have to go through a company to get her an appointment with them because they have equipment, unfortunately she hasn’t been told who is doing the ECG and hasn’t even recieved a date for an appointment. Shes told me she just feels like giving up. Very disappointing

  3. I think if they were brave enough to ask their patients they would find their services and systems fall way short of acceptable.
    I’ll start it off, – Receptionists that advise you to telephone at 8am the following day for an 8am appointment(same day), why couldn’t she book it in?

  4. My dad is receiving pallative care for many cancer related problems he is 84…housebound and suffers with painful legs… On morphine.. Been with practice since early 70’s….they will not let him have a home visit… One was agreed a few weeks ago, we waited all day.. When i rang a stroppy women said he need a triage first… I was utterly disgusted… Records in front of them and he needs triage…mums been missing her app for diabetes and other things… Its just not good enough…. When i did ring i was on hold for 45 minutes another problem we have

  5. I have been a patient at AMG for the past 25 years and have seen it deteriorate. In August 2019, I asked a GP if she could book me a blood test for HbA1C as my appointment with the consultant was in a week and we need the results for this appointment. I was advised by a GP that because patients had been previously requesting the wrong blood tests, no blood would be taken unless AMG recieve a letter requesting it from the consultant.

    This makes unecessary work for consultants.

    I do, however have the right devices to keep myself healthy as possible which I need for my condition so this surgery does have some positives going for it and they have also sent me for my covid jab and booster

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