Desk jobs! Delph workspace offers alternative to daily commute

THE daily commute has become a distant memory for many Saddleworth workers.

But with Covid-19 lockdown restrictions regularly eased and more businesses re-opening, a return to work on the road or public transport is now on the horizon for many.

If that prospect remains a daunting one, fuelled by coronavirus health concerns or a desire to retain quality family time, there is a solution.

A new venture centred in Delph has emerged from the pandemic.

Back 2-work at Riverside Court offers individuals and companies bespoke office space to save on costs and commute time.

A minimum, all-in monthly membership fee will secure dedicated desk space, high speed Wi-Fi, storage space, meeting rooms and refreshments plus numerous networking opportunities.

Just as importantly plans and practical measures to safeguard the tenant’s health and wellbeing developed and updated in line with government guidance will be implemented.

A Delph-based spokesperson for Back 2-work said: “Many tenants will be understandably anxious about transitioning back to the workspace.

“So, we hope the arrangements which we will implement will give them some comfort that their safety and well-being remains a top priority for us.

“But we believe this is an ideal opportunity for the Saddleworth community to get back to work and out of the kitchen or bedroom.

“There is a huge market to downsize main offices and for regional offices to act as satellite centres. This is what this one in Delph will be.

“But it could also be sole practitioners, individual companies or entrepreneurs come in and take over a corner of the space rather than sourcing their own.

“A start-up business, for example, could well see Riverside Court as its main working space.

“In the process, if we can get people off trains and trams for walking and cycling while providing a better work-life balance all the better.

“Instead of arriving home at 7.30pm or later, you can be back for 5.30pm.”

The Back 2-work unit has provision for 86 desks in an open plan environment.

However, with coronavirus not yet eradicated and to meet social distancing, the maximum number of occupied desks for now will be 40.

Tenants will be at least two metres apart and never sat facing each other.

Dividers can be provided to increase privacy and there will also be four distinct areas, separated from each other by circulation routes. Meeting rooms will be available for two to three people.

“Our environment within 2-work workspace has always been designed with the health and well-being of our members in mind,” added the spokesperson.

“We will be adapting our physical space and asking our members to adhere to new behavioural protocols to allow us to maintain to social distancing and to prioritise personal space.”

A website for the Delph site is now live and expressions of interest for the workspace can be registered online by visiting:

Full details of all measures put in place to prevent the risk of Covid-19 infection will be provided.

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