‘Hamlet’ plan for former pub

PEOPLE power appears to have saved a former pub building from demolition – after plans for a new ‘Hamlet’ were submitted.

Now it looks like the Roe Cross will be saved.Permission was given to demolish the existing structure – which dates back as far as 1616 – and build six houses on the site.

Now applicant Mark Cunningham has submitted a revised scheme to Tameside Council that will see the six homes built away from the historic building.

Phase two would then see that converted into apartments.

And in a planning report, prepared on behalf of Mr Cunningham’s company Parkgate Developments Ltd, local reaction to losing the old building is a reason for the change.

It states: “The first phase will involve the construction of six dwelling houses and associated works and it will take place on the land where the existing hard surfaced car parking areas are located.

“The second phase will involve the conversion of the existing buildings for residential purposes and a second application for this proposal will be submitted to the council in due course.

“Some local residents were disappointed to see these longstanding and locally recognised buildings being lost and hopefully this proposal will be more popular and be supported.

“There has been a lot of local interest in the previous application that was approved by the council that included the demolition of the Roe Cross.

“The feedback received was mainly negative and the local community were disappointed that permission had been given by the council to demolish the former pub.

“The applicant has taken on board the views of the local community and looked at many alternatives to retain the building but mainly of these are just not financially viable.

“The purpose of this application is to provide an alternative development that will retain the former Roe Cross building, is financially viable, is deliverable and will provide good quality family homes that will respect the character of the area and not unduly impact on occupiers of neighbouring properties.

“The applicant is local to the area and listened and took on board the concerns raised by the local community and has actively looked at alternative ways to retain the building.

“This has led to additional costs associated with a re-design of the whole site and the various professional fees involved.

“The design ethos adopted in this alternative application is therefore primarily to save the Roe Cross from demolition and to provide a high quality development that is financially viable and deliverable.

“The ‘feel’ that we wish to achieve is similar to a ‘Hamlet’ and in future the site could be known locally as ‘The Roe Cross Hamlet’.

“We firmly believe that this planning application provides an alternative and better designed solution to developing the site, enhancing the area and saving the Roe Cross from demolition.”

The building was home to the Roe Cross Green café and gift shop but that closed in 2017 and the application admits there is little chance of anything alike replacing it.

The statement adds: “Due to the change in habits and trends, it is not viable to provide a commercial/social use for the building such as re-opening as a bar/restaurant or even a café.

“This is due to a lack of customers and very little demand and this is why the premises are presently closed.”

If Tameside Council gives the new application the go ahead, a detached five-bedroomed house will be constructed, along with five four-bedroomed homes.

And the application adds: “The site is located on the fringe of an established residential area and its redevelopment, because the council do not have a five-year housing supply, constitutes the effective re-use of a windfall site.

“The design of the housing layout has taken into account existing residential development previously approved and it also brings the added benefit of retaining the existing attractive and character buildings on the site.

“The planning application to convert the former Roe Cross will be submitted a couple of weeks after the housing application and therefore both applications will be running together.

“The alternative to demolition of the former pub would be to convert it into residential apartments and to build six family homes on the site of the former car park.

“This development is financially viable and it is importantly deliverable and ultimately it would ensure that the former Roe Cross public house building is retained with an alternative use.”

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