‘Pub quiz’ regulars raise money for the NHS

A STALYBRIDGE pub has done its bit with people taking part in a pub quiz that has become an online hit raising hundreds of pounds for the NHS.

When the lockdown was announced, it put an end to the regular Sunday sessions at The Reindeer on Huddersfield Road.But host Andy Kellett decided to move things to a ‘top secret quiz facility’ and hold them online, with hundreds of people joining in.

And on Sunday, May 3, he decided to hold a collection to raise funds for the NHS as it works through the Covid-19 situation.

After initially setting a target of £100, he was bowled over by people’s generosity as a grand total of £715 was raised.

Andy, 41, said: “At first I hoped maybe we could raise £100 for the NHS Charities Together charity, it’s not much but at least we’d be doing our bit.

“The idea behind the fundraising was basically just to try and do something positive with the quiz taking into account the numbers it attracts each week.

“So I put it out there, set up a Just Giving page, and asked if maybe people could donate £1 per person if they could.

“Within 20 minutes we were at £130 on the Wednesday evening and come the quiz on Sunday we hit an unbelievable £715, which everyone can be really proud of.“The generosity of people over the past few days has been amazing.”

Andy’s pub quiz has become such a hit, it has gone international and even Stateside as people tune in to pit their wits against the questions.

Seeing so many, many more than a normal Sunday night actually at the pub, join in has really taken the man behind it by surprise.

He added: “I’ve been doing the quiz at the Reindeer for about 18 months and built up a decent following in that time.

“The idea to move the quiz online was purely to keep the pub regulars connected during lockdown.

“The pub is at the heart of a community and initially I’d hoped to maybe get 10-15 teams of regulars together every Sunday night to keep people in contact and just have a bit of a laugh for a few hours.

“I wasn’t sure if it would work but with the wonders of modern technology amazingly it did.

“The first week we had 34 teams, then word spread and by week two it was 50-odd teams.

“Now every week we’re getting more than 70 teams, not just regulars though as we have teams all over the North West, a team from Oxfordshire, two in Lincoln, and ones in Wales, Barcelona and the USA as barmy as that is.

“Our little pub in Stalybridge is now famous globally and the quiz has got itself a fan base.

“The reaction to the quiz has really blown our minds, myself and landlord and landlady Paul Grundy and Dianne Thornton.

“We’re amazed how quickly it’s grown in such a short space of time, and the feedback from people is amazing.”

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