Bank holiday information for Bayley Street recycling Centre in Stalybridge

TAMESIDE residents are being reminded to only visit Bayley Street Household Waste recycling centre if ‘absolutely necessary’ – especially over the bank holiday weekend which is traditionally a busy time for tip runs.

  • The Recycling Centre in Stalybridge reopened on May 2 with strict measures in place to protect residents and staff during the coronavirus pandemic.
    The centre is open every day from 8am  to 6pm for local households to dispose of items that cannot be disposed of or recycled in the normal domestic bin collections with the temporary exception of builders’ rubble and electrical items.

    Traffic is only allowed to approach from the Ashton end of Bayley Street and visitors need to provide proof of address.

    Ash Road Household Waste and Recycling Centre in Droylsden will remain closed.

    To control the number of vehicles accessing the centres at any one time, a temporary traffic control system has been introduced based on odd and even number plates with different days of the week allocated to each.

For the coming week (9-15 May) cars with even number plates can visit on Saturday, Monday  and Friday and cars with odd number plates can visit Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

For further details of this traffic control system – and to check which days you can visit depending on whether you have an odd or even number plate – please see Council continues to run a full doorstep bin collections service and people are advised to visit recycling centres only if absolutely necessary.

Social distancing measures are in place at Bayley Street, and the number of cars allowed on to the sites will be limited, with one person allowed out of their vehicle to dispose of their waste. Staff will be unable to assist with unloading and no pedestrian access will be permitted.

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  1. hi, i hope you can help me i have a double bed i need to get to the tip but i cant get it there and cant afford to have it removed i have rang round and prices are expensive just to move a bed i only live across road at stanley square its on the door step can you please help me as i am on my own, thanks

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