Head leads the way in competition during lockdown

A HYDE primary school teacher has led the way during the Covid-19 lockdown in making sure his children are not sat on the sofa in front of the TV.

And as Peter Allen knows, the unique circumstances have not dulled their competitive spirit.He even admits some of the challenges they have put to him have been a test.

The deputy headteacher of St Paul’s has become something of a social media hit while he has been unable to teach children normally.

For he is coming up with daily challenges for the kids to do while they are at home – and some are certainly more physical than others.

Peter has come up with the concept of Move It Monday, Target Tuesday, Don’t Wobble Wednesday, Themed Thursday, Fun and Fancy Dress Friday and at the weekend Challenge Mr Allen.

That has seen him do press up in an Incredible Hulk costume, test his core stability by standing in a squat, throwing a pair of socks into a bucket from distance and performing exercises in a deserted playground while dressed as Captain America!

“We have such a brilliant group of children and parents at St. Paul’s who love sport and being competitive,” said Peter.

“I also wanted to give them something to look forward to doing each day that was a bit different and hopefully a bit of fun whilst keeping them active.

“And I also thought it would be fun to have a theme for each daily challenge. On the weekend ones, they’ve certainly challenged me!”

After Peter posts his video of his attempt, some better than others, his timeline has been swamped with pupils having a go.

And just seeing them not slumped on the couch is a sight for sore eyes – and maybe things, calves or arms.

Peter added: “The response has been brilliant.

“It’s been great to not only see all of the children taking part but to be taking part with their families and with a big smile on their faces throughout.

“During this unprecedented time, the smiles and laughter are even more important.

“I know St Paul’s aren’t alone with these daily challenges and schools around Tameside are doing wonderful things for their children.

“As a school community, just like thousands of other schools, we are trying to make sure the children still feel connected to our school community, even though they are working from home.”

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