Dance routine devised in Stalybridge set to go global.

A DANCE routine devised in Stalybridge is to go global.

Three hundred and sixty dance schools from all over the world along with many ordinary schools will be performing ‘We’re all in this together’ from High School Musical on Wednesday (April 29) for International Dance Day.Sarah England, who has a dance school in Stalybridge, thought up the idea for her students, never for one moment envisaging the interest it would create.

She said: “I was thinking about how to keep my students busy and engaged over the time we were off. At that point it wasn’t lockdown.

“I thought we could do the dance ‘We’re all in this together’ and they could learn it and then we could dance it together over zoom on International Dance Day on Wednesday.

“Katy Cullen and Faye Delaney choreographed it and we filmed it the first Saturday we were closed March 21.

“I’m on a Dance Studio Owners hub and everyone globally was sharing resources so I said if anyone fancied the link to our routine and wanted to join us dancing it on International Dance Day to send me their email and I’ll share it.

“Twenty-four hours later and I had 360 dance schools from Australia, Spain, Italy, USA, New Zealand, Malaysia and even Turks and Caicos saying they would be doing it.

“Our clip on YouTube showing the dance has ad 1,800 hits so goodness how many will take part.

“I also mentioned it to my friend Nicole Barber Lane, who played Myra in Hollyoaks until recently, and then this also snowballed!

“Nicole, Jorgie Porter who is also in Hollyoaks, and Duncan James from Blue have said they are doing it.”

Sarah England School of Dance will be performing their Zoom dance at 10am on Wednesday. The initial idea was for everybody to dance at the same time but that is not possible due to global time differences, so the message is to post dances from 10am on Wednesday.

Here’s the link for the dance:

And the Instagram we want people to follow for updates and pictures is globalflashmob2020
#globalflashmob2020 #sesd #intenationaldanceday

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