Phonics packs made available to children across Tameside

READING packs have been created to support parents in helping younger children acquire the phonics skills they need to be successful in school.

The packs contain four booklets that will help parents read with children at home without it becoming a chore and a source of conflict.

While useful at any time, they are particularly beneficial during the coronavirus restrictions with most children unable to attend school or having their education disrupted.

The packs have been commissioned by Tameside Council’s Education Service and the Virtual School and College and have been created by Hollingworth Primary School teacher Joanne Garside.

They are being sent out to all Tameside primary schools and Tameside’s foster parents to ensure that looked after children get the best start with their education. The packs will also be made available on Tameside Council’s website to support parents with educating their children during this difficult time.

The resources include four booklets, three of which support phonics and are sequential:

·        Reading at Home with your Child: A booklet full of ideas for reading for pleasure at home with your child.

·        Phase 1 Games to Play at Home: Pre-phonics games set at the easiest access level.

·        Rhyme Pack for Parents: Full of rhyming games to enjoy together.

·        Phonics at Home Booklet: Phonics games and strategies to try. 

They add to the Tameside Loves Reading programme, a range of services, projects, initiatives and strategies to harness a love and enjoyment of reading and improve literacy skills.

Cllr Leanne Feeley, Tameside Council Executive Member for Lifelong Learning, said: “The packs are colourful and accessible and bursting with fun ideas to support parents in helping give their children a grounding in reading, one of the most important things that they can do. Research shows that reading with a child has a lasting effect on language, vocabulary and literacy skills and is hugely beneficial to their development and later academic achievements.

“I’m delighted that as well as going to primary schools and foster parents, these valuable resources are being made available on our website for parents to access, particularly during the current challenging circumstances resulting from the coronavirus restrictions.

“We’re very grateful to Joanne Garside for her help in creating these packs and well done to everyone involved for producing them, especially in the present situation.”

To access the reading packs, visit:

To find out more about the range of resources, events and guidance available through Tameside Loves Reading, visit:

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