Tameside Council Statement: Support pledged to community in response to the coronavirus

Tameside Council and Tameside and Glossop NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are working closely with partners to support the local community with a wide-ranging response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The already integrated function of the council and CCG puts the organisations in a strong position to coordinate resources to best support residents and businesses.

Together they pledge to:

  • Redeploy staff to keep vital services running – even if they have to be delivered in a different way
  • Work to try and ensure our residents don’t lose their homes because they are affected by COVID19
  • Ensure that those who work for care providers don’t have to choose between their wage, their health and the health of those they support
  • Work with schools and other education providers to help ensure the safety of those attending
  • Work with community partners and the private sector to ensure everyone has access to food whether they are unwell, isolating or caring
  • Support, encourage and mobilise the huge community spirit which exists in Tameside

Executive Leader of Tameside Council Cllr Brenda Warrington said: “It is now clear that the coronavirus pandemic is set to challenge us all in ways the like of which many of us have never experienced before. However I want to reassure the local community that we are in a strong position to work together and help eachother through the coming months.

“Local council, health and community partners already have a strong and close working relationship which will help us keep services running and meet local people’s needs in these uncertain times. And one thing that is not in doubt –  we have a local community with a big heart and strong community spirit which will ensure we support eachother through any difficulties.

“I cannot stress enough that we all need to listen to public health advice to keep ourselves, our families, our neighbours and our communities safe. New guidance means everyone should be minimising their social contact, reducing unnecessary travel and staying at home if they or anyone in their household has any symptoms. Please follow the daily guidance coming from the government and take extra care if you are over 70, if you are pregnant or have underlying health conditions.

“I understand these are unsettling times and people have worries and concerns – we do not know exactly what the coming months will bring. But we can control what we do, what actions we take on a personal and collective level. As part of this we have set out six initial pledges we are making to respond to this crisis.

“Firstly – we have robust plans in place to keep vital services running during this period, in particular care for older people and those with disabilities. We will be managing our workforce in a sensible way, and according to national guidance, to ensure we remain resilient. We will be flexible and are prepared to work differently if necessary to support our residents –  for example this may involve redeploying staff in other roles where there are the greatest pressures and needs. We will also be introducing services in direct response to the virus including rigorous cleaning of our public facilities. Some non-essential services may have to be delivered differently, details of these will be shared via the website and social media if that is the case.

“We urge Government to give clear guidance on evictions and ensure that no-one is deprived of a home and shelter at this time because of their health. Nobody should have to choose between their home and their health.

“Equally, no-one should choose between a wage and their health. We understand for employers and small businesses this is a really difficult time. We are looking at what support local businesses may need. We will support those working for our care providers by ensuring they are no worse off. We urge businesses and Government to follow this lead.

“We are also meeting with community groups and businesses to talk about the issue of food accessibility and how we can ensure everyone has access to food whether they are unwell, isolating or caring.

“Finally, we will support, encourage and mobilise the huge community spirit which exists in Tameside. We are already getting many offers of support and already have a robust network of voluntary and community organisations, faith groups and tenant and resident associations with long-standing community relationships and experience of getting things done. We are working closely with them to support mutual aid networks in communities.

“This is going to be a difficult period and things will change every day – but we can get through it by thinking of each other with every action, and taking care of our neighbours along with ourselves. Tameside has a strong community spirit and this will help us through this time.”

For latest information on the local response to the coronavirus, local services and public health advice see www.tameside.gov.uk/coronavirus

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