Fight for fairness with Fairtrade Mossley

FAIRTRADE Fortnight is underway and in Mossley the local group will again be focusing on helping farmers getting paid fairly for their work, beginning with cocoa producers in west Africa.

Fairtrade Mossley is holding tasters at Mossley Co-op on Friday, February 28 and Wednesday, March 4 between 11am and 4pm.

There is also the Community Big Brew at Mossley Methodist Church on Thursday, March 5 between 10am and 12.30pm where you can find out more while enjoying a Fairtrade brew and Fairtrade cakes while bacon butties will also be available.

ReCreate’s artwork, featuring the difficulties faced by farmers due to climate change, is on display at the George Lawton Hall.

Hidden in different places across Mossley are attention-grabbing ‘storybombs’ featuring the stories of women cocoa farmers.

Fairtrade Mossley want people who find these stories to read them and understand why ‘She deserves Fairtrade’. Then hide the storybomb again so other people will find them.

Janet Davies, from Fairtrade Mossley, said: “We need more people to understand the power they have as consumers and to choose Fairtrade.

“We want to show companies that people in the UK expect them to go much further to pay living income prices to farmers – and Fairtrade is the most trusted way to show it.

“When we choose Fairtrade, we doing the right thing by people and planet. Let’s spread the word this Fairtrade Fortnight.”

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