Uncovering the history of iconic building

THE Angel Hotel, recently renamed Old Peg, is one of Denton’s most historic and iconic buildings, was reportedly first licensed in 1597, so pints have been pulled since Elizabethan times.It is the oldest pub in Denton and the second oldest building in the town, though little has been documented about its early history.

It is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a cat which was inadvertently locked in the ovens before they were fired.

The Angel was reportedly popular with local hatters but in 1818 a new source of prosperity arrived with the opening of a turnpike road between Manchester and Hyde.

It also became the headquarters for Denton Cricket Club which was founded in 1824, its first ground being at the rear of the pub.

Later Cricket Street was built on a section of the pitch and this in turn gave way to the M67 motorway.

And whereas there is a cark park to the side of the pub, in yesteryear it was a stable yard.

As with most pubs of the time, inquests were held at The Angel and there was coverage of these in a local newspaper.

In 1879, The Angel was one of many pubs to celebrate the abolition of the turnpike trust which had put gates across the road in 1818.

A midnight procession made its way down Hyde Road, ending with a ceremonial burning of the gates at Crown Point.

Around the turn of the century, the Openshaw Brewery bought The Angel from Thomas Saxon and later they were taken over by Bass.

In 1971, The Angel ceased trading temporarily for a £20,000 facelift, including a new roof and work repairing a bulging front wall.

Before this, the previous alterations were in 1934 when toilets were built in the coach yard.

Since then further alterations were carried out in 1979 while most recently there was the huge £180,000 refurbishment which was only completed in November when the renamed pub reopened as it became the Old Peg, which marked the dawn of a new era for the pub.

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