Exhibition turns back time on Denton shops

DENTON Shops of Yesteryear was the theme for Denton Local History Society’s annual exhibition.

The week-long event at Denton St Lawrence’s Church attracted almost 600 visitors.

There were visits by primary schools each morning with 247 children attending.

They were given a talk by the history society’s Lynne Quirk, a former primary school teacher.

The exhibition was open to the public between noon and 4pm from Tuesday to Sunday, October 15-20 with 343 adult visitors.

Jill Cronin, history society president, explained the exhibition was more than simply looking at the way shops of yesteryear looked.

“We also had displays which showed how shopping habits have changed and what people bought,” she explained.

There was also a visit on the last day from Tameside’s Civic Mayor, Councillor Leigh Drennan, pictured top right with Paul Cronin, Allan Arrowsmith, Lynne Quirk and Jill Cronin.

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