The Shed opens doors for friendly sessions

GET ON down to The Shed to build up a better understanding of what issues can face older men, and women, and make friends.

For the group is putting on daily sessions aimed at creating a better, healthier environment for users of a certain age.

The facility, based at Loxley House on Birch Lane in Dukinfield, offers a ‘safe, friendly and inclusive workshop, where men (and women on Fridays) come together to work, share ideas and experiences.

‘More importantly, it’s a place where they can make friends and enjoy themselves.’

Among the things on offer are: woodworking, furniture repair, cycle servicing, computers, family history, pyrography (decorating wood or other materials with burn marks), a kitchen garden, beekeeping, walking football and a cinema club.

And it says: “Within the local area there isn’t any other similar service for older men.

“However, research into the needs of older men, and the types of services which best engage with them, suggests that men appreciate activities which are aimed specifically at them, and/or which make use of their existing skills and experiences.

“Older men like to be in the company of their peers.

“Given recognition over recent years that older mens’ health issues have been overshadowed, the Shed project is aimed at engaging men who would, by dint of health or social issues, be otherwise isolated from informal and peer support.

“The idea is to provide somewhere where men might be more willing to listen to health information. The covert plan is to get men in one place to target them with health messages.

“Men, particularly those over 50, tend to be fairly resistant to going to the doctor for problems that might turn out to be more serious if left.”

The Shed is open Monday to Friday from 9am until 3pm and costs £6 for a half-day and £12 full day. Monday to Thursday is men only while Friday is mixed.

For more details and a free taster contact: Mike, Bob or Tony on 07561 833071 or 0161 368 4974 or you can email:

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