Dukinfield high school earns prestigious carers award

A DUKINFIELD high school has showed its caring side to earn a prestigious award.

Rayner Stephens, on Yew Tree Lane, has received recognition for its dedication and commitment to supporting young carers within its community.

And it is one of only two schools in Tameside area to receive the Tameside Young Carers School Award – Bronze.

To earn it, Rayner Stephens demonstrated extensive efforts in supporting young carers, included hosting a visit from Jonathan Reynolds, who met with the young carers to hear their stories and understand their unique challenges.

Rayner Stephens High School, Dukinfield

The school has also implemented various measures to address the individual needs of young carers.

Tailored support plans ensure that these students receive the necessary assistance to balance their educational responsibilities with their caregiving roles, increasing their attendance and chance of success.

Fallon Thomas, Rayner Stephens’ young carers lead, played a pivotal role in achieving this award, organising assemblies and lessons during personal development time to educate others about the responsibilities and challenges faced by young carers.

Additionally, awareness packs have been distributed to staff and a designated young carer notice board has been prominently displayed in the school, providing vital information and resources.

Executive Headteacher Melanie Wicks said: “Rayner Stephens High School remains committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for all students, ensuring that young carers receive the recognition and assistance they deserve in order to succeed, whilst remaining committed to their caring duties.

“Mrs Thomas has done a tremendous job to not only support our young carers, but to raise awareness amongst our school community.

“Young carers are individuals who take on emotional, practical, or physical care for a parent, sibling, or other family member with a physical disability, mental health issue, or substance misuse problem.

“By recognising and supporting these students, Rayner Stephens High School is making a meaningful difference in their lives.”


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