Store conversion plan for Hyde pub

A CLOSED Hyde pub will be turned into a convenience store if planning permission is granted.

Ashraf Bilal has applied to Tameside Council to convert the Clarkes Arms, on Stockport Road, into a store.

If approved, the building will have a ramp installed as an accessible entrance while windows will be changed and a timber fence added to one side – there would be no change to the existing 10-space car park.

And the shop would be open from 7am until 10pm from Monday to Friday, 8am until 10pm on Saturday and from 9am until 8pm on Sunday.

The Clarkes Arms in Hyde. Image by GGC Media

The Clarkes Arms has been closed since July 2022 and attempts to keep it as a pub including community involvement, were unsuccessful.

Mr Bilal, who owns several convenience stores in the north west, bought the building in February.

And documents supporting the application state why conversion is necessary, saying: “The owner has other community outlets in the area and employs staff for these outlets.

“The new facility will require a full-time manager and three part-time staff and these will be new jobs created.

“Local residents and community have not actively pursued an Asset of Community Value to try and keep the pub open. It has been closed for over 12 months and no new owners or tenants have come forward to manage it.

“This shows that the existing pub is unsustainable. The fact that no-one has come forward in the last 12 months also adds weight to the fact that the pub was not profitable and sustainable in the future.”

Tameside Council’s Speaker’s Panel (Planning) committee will decide whether to grant or refuse planning permission.


6 Replies to “Store conversion plan for Hyde pub”

  1. That place used to be Rocking from fridays to close on sundays, every week for years
    If it wasn’t in profit, they clearly must have made some seriously bad choices concerning their choice of DJ !

  2. That place used to be rocking from fridays to close on Sunday every single week for years ..
    If it wasn’t in profit when it closed, someone clearly must have made some seriously bad choices regarding their choice of DJ !

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