What it’s like to be a Slimming World consultant

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TWO Slimming World consultants in Tameside have shared their experiences of being able to support local people to transform their lives through losing weight. 

Jessica Healey was a Slimming World member at an Ashton-under-Lyne group and, after reaching her target weight, consultant Terri Shelmerdine mentioned an opportunity event that was coming up.

“Terri explained that when she first became a consultant she worked full-time and lots of consultants worked full-time jobs alongside running groups,” Jessica explained.

“She mentioned her income from the group and that they were looking for someone to take over running it.

“I had a new job which was working from home and I was missing that human interaction and working in the community.

Sam and Jess

“When I went to the event, I wanted to think about it and speak to my partner and family to see what they thought. They were all very supportive and reassuring that I would be good at the role.”

Jessica said she was made to feel “so welcome” by the “friendly and lovely” staff at Slimming World HQ and she could sense how passionate they are about the organisation.

“Training was brilliant, you are given all the tools you need to be a successful consultant,” she said. “There is so much detail, learning and support available.”

Jessica said her first night as a consultant was “nerve-wracking” but she loves being able to support members and is grateful for the support she has received herself.

“It was nerve-wracking especially as it was my own group so I knew the members but they were all so supportive and my social team is amazing.

“I absolutely love my group members and being able to support them on their weight loss journey. They support and motivate each other every week – it’s a joy to be a part of that!

“The support that I have had from my Team Developer, District Manager and field support team has been second to none. I couldn’t have got to this point without their support and guidance. They help you at every step of the journey and want you to succeed.”

Similarly, Sam Longden decided to become a consultant after being told by her consultant Sarah that she had the qualities to take on the role.

After some soul searching and question asking, Sam attended two recruitment events – taking her husband on the second one – before choosing to apply.

“The thing that stopped me initially was the financial investment and not being able to recall the answers to the questions asked by Paul after the first event but Stuart and Louise were great at putting his mind to rest.

“There were also some doubts on my part about the groups available to me and the flexibility of it working around my school job.”

Sam said she came away from her first session as a consultant ‘feeling 10ft tall and excited for the future’.

“I have an amazingly supportive family in the group, for myself but first and foremost for each other,” she told us.

“We have good banter going on at every session and there is never a dull moment. Everyone knows each other so well and the feedback I’ve had recently has really reinforced that I made the right decision.”

Sam has enjoyed running the sessions so much that she is looking to take on more groups and make it a full-time job.

“If you are sitting there thinking about the opportunity ahead, I was once where you are now and I would make the same decision over and over again,” she said.

“There is no expectation of your commitment at the recruitment opportunity event so seize the moment and go along to find out more and hear it for yourselves first hand.

“Even if you decide at training to change your mind, you will be fully supported by everyone there before you get too deep in but for me that was never in question. It all depends on your personal situation as to whether to make time to commit now or in the future.”

Slimming World allows people to live the life they want, eat the food they want and still lose weight.

Groups offer members support, commitment and accountability, as well as access to a members-only website and app for on-the-go weight loss support.

Visit https://www.slimmingworld.co.uk to find your nearest Slimming World group.

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