Refusal of Mossley housing development appealed

A DEVELOPER is appealing a decision to refuse permission to build houses on land in Mossley.

Tameside Council said no to Wickens Estates’ application to place nine properties on Stamford Road, close to the major junction in Top Mossley.

But almost two years after the original paperwork was submitted, there is still a chance it could happen after the Uppermill-based firm went to the Planning Inspectorate.

It accuses planning officers of looking ‘for reasons to refuse the application, rather than work proactively’ and its hopes received a boost after it was told ‘the appeal is valid.’

Stamford Road in Mossley – the location for proposed development. Image by GGC Media

Wickens believes its scheme – three three-bedroomed and six two-bedroomed homes – was refused ‘solely based on a judgement made by the officer on the design and layout of the proposed development.’

In a statement, it adds: “The first reason for refusal relates to the judgment that the staggered frontage of the dwellings proposed is ‘uncharacteristic’ or ‘inconsistent’ with the character of the surrounding area.

“This claim is made by the council in the context of their view that the site is within an area that is largely made up of rows of terraced housing. This was a claim made verbally by the officer during a site visit.

“However, Stamford Road is not characterised by a particular prevalent style of form of housing.

“Therefore, the council’s claim within their reasons for refusal that the surrounding area is a made up of a ‘consistent linear form’ is simply inaccurate.”

Wickens also says their staggered terrace plan is ‘almost identical’ to one close by at Greaves Street, which was allowed, and: “It is also of note that there is an element of staggering at the end of the terrace directly opposite the appeal site.”

Another reason for refusal Wickens is contesting is the proposed development’s proximity to the rock face and the fencing behind the homes.

And it even suggests ‘potential future occupiers’ accept they may have a smaller garden.

Its statement adds: “The appellant strongly disagrees with the view of the council that the outlook from the properties would be unacceptable due to the ‘dominance’ and topography of the rock face.

“The angle of the rock face is not as steep as is made out by the Council in their refusal and report to the Speaker’s Panel.

“Although the proximity to and height of the rock face is considered, the angle of it is not.

“The rock face would slope away upwards from the rear gardens and would not form the sheer wall that is made out by the council in their justification for refusing this application.

“It is strongly contested that the design makes use of a derelict site in a sustainable location within the built up area of Mossley.

“The council is not determining similar cases in a consistent manner. It is felt that every time a solution to the problems were offered, the council looked for reasons to refuse the application, rather than work proactively to deliver a scheme that delivers much needed housing in this area. “

Wickens’ application was fiercely opposed by both Mossley three borough councillors and Mossley Town Council – who feared parking may create a ‘safety hazard.’

The inspector will visit the site but both sides were warned: “If an unaccompanied or an ‘access required’ site visit can be made, you will not be informed in advance.”

2 Replies to “Refusal of Mossley housing development appealed”

  1. The simple fact that the property vehicles would be accessing and departing at a major junction, with traffic lights, crossing a public footpath. Should be enough to say no to the ludicrously.

  2. Where are they planning on putting the vehicles while they excavate the site?

    The excavation vehicles, including trucks and the vehicles of the individuals working on the site will be parked in the surrounding area adding to an already congested area.

    Stamford Road connects both upper and lower Mossley, the excavation phase and construction phase would cause untold chaos.

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