Greater Manchester bosses hope Repair Week can engineer change

BOSSES are hoping that this year’s Repair Week can ‘kickstart a repair revolution’ in Greater Manchester that will save people money and protect the environment.

The rallying call comes as a new survey reveals that more than £1.2 billion is potentially lost every year on throwing away and replacing household items that could be repaired.

Research commissioned by Recycle for Greater Manchester found that Greater Manchester residents threw away an estimated £417 million worth of items last year that could have been repaired. A further £809 million was then spent on replacing the damaged or broken items.

The figures also show that, on average, residents have five broken or damaged household items that they believe could be repaired. The most common things reportedly thrown away are clothes, kettles, hairdryers, headphones and toasters.

Repair Week aims to highlight the ways that people across Greater Manchester – including Tameside and Oldham – can repair items or pass them on to be rehomed and resold.

Councillor Tom Ross, Greater Manchester’s lead for the Green City-Region and Waste and Recycling, says local authorities want to support residents to get items repaired rather than replaced.

“We all find it frustrating when some of the goods we buy cost more to repair than replace but there are so many household items that can be given a new lease of life at low cost,” he said.

“That’s why, through fantastic resources like the Renew Hub and Renew Shops, we want to support people to learn how to save money, or get a bargain on good-quality items that have been repaired, especially during the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

“I hope that this year’s Repair Week can kickstart a repair revolution in Greater Manchester that will not just save people money, but also help us cut down on what we throw away and protect the environment. It’s a great way for residents to get in touch with repair events in their local area.”

There are a series of events and workshops across Greater Manchester this week, shining a spotlight on the impact of waste and aiming to empower residents to get items repaired that many instinctively throw away.

A list of activities and events taking place can be found here.

There are also a number of free videos on the Recycle for Greater Manchester website, offering practical guidance for repairing many household items.

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