Hyde woman banned from keeping animals for 10 years

A HYDE woman has been banned from keeping animals for 10 years after being found to have mistreated a rabbit.

Sara Holland was deemed to have caused unnecessary suffering to Bing failing to investigate and address the causes of her body condition and weight loss.

The 27-year-old, of Garden Street, was also charged with not providing one or more of a suitable environment, maintaining in an appropriate body condition, providing adequate care and supervision in respect of protection and adequate fresh drinking water.

And at a hearing at Tameside Magistrates Court, she was fined £120, ordered to pay £200 costs and made subject of a community order.

She was also handed an order made under Section 34 Animal Welfare Act 2006 that disqualifies from owning, keeping, participating in keeping and controlling or influencing the way animals are kept for 10 years.

Holland was prosecuted by the RSPCA following the discovery of the rabbit in February 2022.

According to court documents, her fine will be collected at the rate of £5 per week from Thursday, March 7.

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