More fines for fly-tippers in Tameside

EIGHT people from Ashton-under-Lyne who were caught disposing of waste irresponsibly have been handed fines.

The west end of the town is a district where fly-tipping is an ongoing problem.

So the latest day of action saw local councillors and council officers focus on Stockport Road and the area around Blandford Street and Layard Street.

Officers and Councillors were out in Ashton-under-Lyne St Peter’s ward for a day of action and enforcement to crack down on fly-tipping

Collected waste was examined to identify offenders and the evidence discovered resulted in the penalties being issued.

It was part of the local authority’s ongoing Our Streets campaign, aimed at making towns cleaner and safer.

Councillor Vincent Ricci, Tameside Council’s assistant executive member for enforcement, attended the latest enforcement day and has reiterated the warning to those guilty of fly-tipping.

“We know litter and fly-tipping are a major concern for our residents as most of them take great pride in their neighbourhoods,” said Cllr Ricci, who represents the Denton North East ward.

“I want them to know that Tameside Council appreciates their work and we’ll do everything we can to support them such as supplying equipment for community clean-ups through our litter hubs.

“It’s a pity so much of council workers’ precious time has to be spent dealing with such an unnecessary issue, and one that diverts money from vital services.

“My message to the few people who insist on fly-tipping is that our officers are at work in the borough every day. We will always take enforcement action whenever we identify an offender.”

People are being urged to report fly-tipping, including any information about any fly-tipping offences, on the council website at

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