Think big to give Mila a new home

A DENTON-BASED animal charity wants to see one of its larger residents leave – for all the right reasons.

Dogs Trust Manchester, on Parkway close to Sainsbury’s supermarket, has housed Mila for 18 months.

Now it wants the five-year-old Dogue de Bordeaux follow in the paw-steps of many other smaller canine companions and find a forever home.

Larger dogs can sometimes take a little longer to find their new keepers, but an appeal has gone out for people to think big.

Mila loves to run and have a roll around on the ground whenever she can! She is pictured with team member Stephanie Wood

When Mila arrived in Denton, she had very sore skin around her face and ears, and double entropion, meaning her eyelids were growing inwards causing severe irritation.

As a result, she sadly struggled to see properly and her face and ears were very sore to touch.

The conditions have now been treated but she can be anxious if her face is touched too much, so the team has muzzle trained her so that if she needs to go to the vets or is anxious in any situation, she can be handled confidently.

The team says Mila is a clever girl who loves to learn and picks up new things really quickly.

She loves jumping into the car for an adventure but likes to head to quieter places so she can explore to her heart’s content without being bothered by off-lead dogs.

One of Mila’s favourite pastimes is splashing about in water

And she would like an adult-only home where she is the only pet and a secure garden to relax in.

Lisa Eardley, Manager at the rehoming centre, said: “Mila has had a tough time but she is a gorgeous girl.

“She has come on in leaps and bounds.

“When she first came to us, because her skin had been so sore she didn’t even like having a harness on, but she is fine with that now and loves to head out on a walk.

“She particularly likes having a good roll around, wherever she is and whenever the mood takes her, especially if she spots mud!

“Mila is used to her muzzle and she knows that wearing it tends to mean fun times and foodie treats.

“People often react to muzzles negatively, but it’s useful for all dogs to be able to wear a muzzle comfortably and they can learn to enjoy wearing one in the same way that they learn to wear a collar or harness.

“For a dog like Mila who can be nervous around people she doesn’t know, or at the vets for example, it’s the perfect solution.

“We think she is struggling to find a home as she can be a little nervous when meeting new people, so her true personality doesn’t shine through straight away.

“Also, she is big and strong which isn’t a good match for everyone hoping to adopt but she really is wonderful and once she knows you, she comes out of her shell and her cheeky side shines through.

“People just need to give her time so they get to know the real Mila!”

If you would like to find out more about Mila or any of the dogs, large or small, waiting to find their forever homes at Dogs Trust Manchester, please go to

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