Retiring Hyde health shop owner will miss indoor market atmosphere

THE OWNER of a Hyde health shop is preparing for an emotional farewell as she gets ready to retire.

For the last 14 years, Wendy Hobin has occupied the Natural Health stall in the corner of the top floor of the town’s indoor market since a productive lunchtime.

Now as she gets set for her final day of trading, on Saturday, March 2, she knows how much she will miss the hubbub around her.

Wendy Hobin at her stall inside Hyde Market. Image by GGC Media

The 80-year-old said: “I love it in here, the atmosphere is phenomenal. It doesn’t feel like you’re under pressure.

“And it’s not the case that no-one comes to Hyde Indoor Market at all. When I’m not coming here, I’ll definitely miss it.”

Wendy has been involved in the health industry for 40 years, working the 26 before taking on Natural Health as a supervisor in a pharmacy.

However, to say the deal for the business was done quickly is somewhat of an understatement.

And do not think retirement will see her with her feet up constantly.

Ahead of what promises to be an emotional last day, Wendy added: “I found this in the newspaper so I went and bought it in my dinner hour!

“Everyone who’s ever owned this business has been a woman but I’ve never looked back.

“I’ve got really good customers and you have to have that something extra, something special that people are going to come in for rather than just being run of the mill.

“People go online and find they get lots of offers but not necessarily the right information. That’s where I think I come in.

“I wouldn’t sell anything I didn’t think was right and knowing prescription medicine, I know what can’t be taken.

“This is it for the stall. I’ve had interest but after people came, I never saw them again. I thought, ‘I can’t leave it. I’ve got to have a day and a plan, otherwise I’m going to be here for a long time.’

“I’ve had a friend from the pharmacy come and cover me – I haven’t worked solidly but I haven’t had a proper two-week break while I’ve had it.

“My plan for my final day is really just to say goodbye to my customers and have a bit of social time with them.

“However, all my stock has to be itemised, so I’ll be parcelling it up at 7am the Monday after so it can be taken to a trader who’s going to take it on.

“And I’m not one of these people who sits still, I’ve got plans. I’m going to redo my garden. I’ve got half an acre and it’s not looking like it should!”

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