Stalybridge gets new ray of Sunshine and Soul

THE STREETS of Tameside can be laden with stress as the pace of the world gets ever quicker, with things now being demanded the day before yesterday.

But one Stalybridge business hopes to redress the balance by slowing things down and bringing a calmer mindset.

And owner of Sunshine and Soul Studio Laura Whitehead knows all too well the toll modern life can take on a person, which is why her yoga and wellbeing studio provides a vital escape.

She said: “I found yoga from being at a real low point in my life.

“I was suffering really badly from depression and anxiety and went down the traditional doctors’ routes.

Inside the Sunshine and Soul Studio

“I was having therapy and taking medicine, which has its place and did help but I’d heard yoga was good for your mental health and there was this hope in me thinking, ‘Maybe this will help.’

“So I took myself to a class and it really did, I became obsessed with the practice because for me, I’m not thinking thoughts, I’m not in my brain I’m in my body.

“I’m able to just be present, so it really helped me and still does now.”

Laura’s love of yoga saw her eventually head to India to train to be a teacher before setting up Sunshine and Soul Studio on Kenworthy Steet.

And the impact her business, which also houses personal training sessions, on those who attend classes makes it all worthwhile.

She added: “I practised for four years every day then went off to Goa to train to be a teacher for a month.

“I came back and at first hired the Methodist church, then the Labour Club.

Laura Whitehead

“I had my daughter three years ago. After maternity leave, I tried to go back to my corporate job but was like, ‘I can’t, I don’t want to be away from her.’

“It wasn’t resonating with me, so I took a leap of faith. My family thought I was crazy when I first opened as it was just an old office but I could see the vision.

“I worked in a corporate wellness and happiness previously. People are just stressed, life’s a lot for everyone.

“Everyone feels stressed, life is just wild and the modern world we live in is like a non-stop merry-go-round.

“I just think as humans we’re not evolved to deal with that fast pace. People want and need a break from that for their wellbeing and happiness.

“My goals for this business is it’s a little escape for people to come and nourish themselves and we teach people skills they can take into their lives, not just for an hour.

“I always say, ‘Real yoga starts when you leave the room.’

Sunshine and Soul Studio offers a range of classes, including warm and hot yoga, yin yoga – for people who have a ‘crazy life’ and want to chill out, vinyasa flow, sound healing, reiki and Pilates.

And you do not have to know all about yoga to take part – you do not need any equipment either, other than comfy clothes and water.

It also has a hub called Not Just A Mum Club, for mum’s where they can do personal training or yoga but bring their baby or child along and there are baby massage sessions.

The first class at Sunshine and Soul Studio is free, then it costs £12 a session if you want to drop in, with passes available that can reduce the cost to £8.

But as Laura says: “I never want finances to be a barrier. If anyone’s struggling, reach out.”

*SUNSHINE and Soul studio can be found on Facebook at and Instagram at

You can e-mail Laura at and book online at


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