The Correspondent receives recognition from Civic Mayor of Tameside for commitment to media excellence

THE Correspondent is exceptionally proud to have been honoured with a certificate of achievement from Civic Mayor of Tameside, Cllr Tafheen Sharif.

We received the recognition for our ‘tireless dedication and hard work in the media, community activities and bringing positive change in the community.’

Gary and Gemma Carter with the Civic Mayor of Tameside, Cllr Tafheen Sharif

Speaking on behalf of GGC Media, Gemma Carter said:

“We tell you all time and time again, we LOVE this job. It’s really important for communities to have a strong voice. We work really hard to make sure they do. We continue to produce stories that can’t be read anywhere else.
“There are some incredible people that support us and help us on this journey, especially Jennie Wood and Adam Higgins and Mark Philip. We are so lucky to have them on board.
Thank you to all our readers and the business community for their continued support on our journey.”

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