Ashton hotel may get bigger with extension plan

A HOTEL in Ashton-under-Lyne will be allowed to get much larger if planning permission is granted – again.

Owners of the Village at Ashton Moss have asked Tameside Council to be allowed to construct a new wing to the current structure, adding 48 bedrooms.

The structure will be placed on the eastern end of the hotel, its left as you look at it and there is a chance this may happen after previous permission was not acted upon.

It would also see a ‘link bridge’ between the two put in, with changes to the car park as it stands.

Village Hotel at Ashton-under-Lyne. Image by GGC Media

And documents supporting the application tell how it would work, as well as bring new jobs to the area.

They state: “The link would be set back from the frontage of the existing hotel building. The extension would be five storeys and as such would be as high as the existing hotel.

“The ground floor would be used as a plant area and store and the upper floors would be used for additional bedrooms.

“The reason for the relative height of the extension to the existing hotel is so that there is a smooth transition internally between the floors in each structure rather than requiring any internal steps within the building and so that window lines follow a continuous line.

“The general layout of the car park would be largely unchanged with the changes being concentrated around the east of the hotel where the proposed extension would be located.

“Overall, the proposals would result in a total of 290 spaces across the site. There are no proposed changes to the vehicular and pedestrian access into the site.”

The applicants also believe the extension would boost both the economy and the community aspect, which sees many use it as a meeting place.

They add: “There will be new jobs created as a direct result of the proposed extension. The build phase will sustain on-site construction jobs and support off-site jobs in construction related industries (suppliers etc.)

“The employees and customers of the proposed development will also make further contributions to the local economy through first occupation expenditure, this relates to goods and services that are purchased to make the office/work environments function and associated retail spending.

“A proportion of this expenditure would be captured locally.

“The extension also supports the ethos of Village Hotels as a community hub and looks to develop the sense of community and contribute to the social sustainability of the areas.

By extending the capacity of the hotel, the extension provides further opportunity for community growth and opportunity to support the businesses within the local business and leisure park context.”

Tameside Council’s Speaker’s Panel (Planning) committee will decide whether to grant or refuse planning permission.

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