Another ‘outstanding’ display by Stalybridge primary school

AN ‘INSPIRATIONAL’ Stalybridge school is feeling top of the class after maintaining its outstanding rating.

Millbrook Primary, on Bank Road, has once again scored highly after Ofsted inspectors visited at the beginning of December.

And in their report, they do not underestimate the quality of what is being delivered under the leadership of headteacher Elizabeth Turner.

It states: “In key stages 1 and 2, the curriculum is expertly designed. It is inspirational.

“Pupils thoroughly enjoy attending school and they shine in all that they do.”

Describing behaviour as ‘exemplary,’ the Ofsted inspectors found Millbrook Primary’s attitude towards reading underpins everything.

They added: “The school places reading at the heart of all learning. Developing pupils’ reading knowledge is carefully woven throughout the curriculum.

“Pupils, and children in the early years, read widely and often. Reading ambassadors proudly promote a diverse range of texts in their ‘reading shed.’

“Staff carefully and systematically check that pupils can remember previously learned sounds. The school expertly helps those pupils who may be struggling to keep up with the phonics programme. As a result, pupils are extremely confident and fluent readers by the end of Year 2.”

Millbrook Primary’s work in identifying the additional needs of pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) was also highlighted.

And the way staff can adapt for pupils was credited as a strength, with how it helps develop children praised.

Ten report continues: “The way that the school goes about developing pupils’ character is praiseworthy.

“For example, the school maximises opportunities for pupils to learn about other faiths and cultures. Pupils have a deep-rooted knowledge of fundamental British values and people’s differences.

“Recently, pupils welcomed visitors from other faiths into school as part of a diversity event.

“Staff are adept at identifying pupils’ misconceptions and misunderstandings swiftly. They use the school’s assessment systems well to identify where pupils may have gaps in their knowledge and to shape their future learning.

“Over time, pupils develop a deep body of knowledge that interconnects between subjects. Pupils achieve exceptionally well in all subjects in key stages 1 and 2.

“They fully embody the school’s values of being respectful, resilient and collaborative. Pupils, including those with SEND, relish every opportunity to learn. Pupils, and children in the early years, told inspectors that they feel happy in school.

“Pupils in key stages 1 and 2 rise to the school’s exceptionally high expectations for their learning and achievement. They excel.

“Pupils in key stages 1 and 2 take pride in their learning. This is reflected in the outstanding quality of work that they produce.

“Pupils are able to recall a considerable amount of prior learning. By the end of Year 6, pupils are extremely well prepared for secondary school.

“Pupils treat each other with kindness and respect. They are polite, friendly and eager to converse with adults. Pupils’ rates of attendance are high.”

2 Replies to “Another ‘outstanding’ display by Stalybridge primary school”

  1. I am so proud of Millbrook primary school.
    When they come into our church they are so well behaved and keen to learn. Elizabeth and her staff are doing a great job with preparing children for future opportunities.

  2. Our granddaughter attends this school. She loves it and has a lot friends there. She has permanent health issues but the school are very helpful and caring with her.

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