‘Tornado’ tears through Stalybridge, leaving trail of destruction

MORE than 100 homes have been damaged in what is described locally as a ‘tornado’ caused havoc across Stalybridge. 

Storm Gerrit tore through Millbrook, Carrbrook and areas close to the town centre late on Wednesday, December 27, leaving a trail of destruction.

It triggered a large-scale emergency response with crews from Greater Manchester Police, North West Ambulance, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, Electricity North West and Tameside Council all rushing to multiple scenes across the borough.

People in Millbrook carrying lead fallen from a roof away from their property

Calico Crescent in Carrbrook Village is believed to be one of the worst affected areas, with residents evacuated and scores of properties structurally damaged.

In Millbrook, several large trees fell into roads and on to cars with residents left shocked. Some were seen carrying large chunks of lead flashing away from their damaged vehicles.

Greater Manchester Police advised ‘displaced’ residents to attend Dukinfield Town Hall from help and advice.

Emergency crews at the scene in Carrbrook

After declaring a major incident shortly before midnight because of a ‘localised tornado’ Chief Superintendent Mark Dexter said: “This incident has undoubtedly affected numerous people in the Stalybridge area with many residents displaced from their properties during the night.

“Our highest priority is keeping people safe which is why we are advising those who have been displaced not to return or enter their properties which have significant damage until they have been assessed by structural engineers.”

Tesco supermarket in Stalybridge was used as a central meeting hub for emergency services and after the storm passed, the sound of chainsaws tackling fallen trees could be heard in the affected areas.

Damage to one of many houses in Carrbrook

The Met Office explained: “A supercell thunderstorm crossed Greater Manchester causing damage.

“We know from our Dopplar radar that it had a strong rotating updraft. Whilst we don’t yet have surface data to confirm, the presence of these features suggests a tornado at the surface was likely.”

The Tornado and Storm Research Organisation (TORRO) is also looking into whether the freak winds were in fact a twister.

It said: “Until a detailed site investigation is undertaken, we are unable to confirm if this was caused by a tornado or straight-line winds.”

Huddersfield Road


Wall damage in Millbrook



5 Replies to “‘Tornado’ tears through Stalybridge, leaving trail of destruction”

  1. I notice on the top photo it is the more recent building that has suffered. The 100+ year old housing still has its gables!

    1. That’s not correct further up the Hill.above besom.lane there is serious damage to houses built in 17th to 18th century including gable end and roof damage.

  2. Whilst I have great sympathy and feel for the Carrbrook residents who have been worse hit.,it should be noted that other areas including parts of Dukinfield and I am sure other parts of Tameside have been affected by this weather event and they also deserve a thought.

  3. How quick will Tameside Council and the insurance companies react to this. Will the council be out ASAP rebuilding walls, removing fallen trees and clearing debris. Will the insurance companies priorities the claims for damaged properties see as its winter and the amount of rain we’re having. The answers remain to be seen, but don’t hold your breath.

  4. My daughters and her Fiancés house was hit by a tree and both there cars where is the support all these people need right now where is Rishi Sunak I think he should show his face let him come and see the devastation for himself some of these people have got nowhere .

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