Saddleworth project aids Mossley venue’s net zero bid

AN arts and community centre in Mossley has received a boost in its aim to become one of the greenest venues in Greater Manchester.

The Vale has been given a grant from Saddleworth Hydro Sustainability Fund which will enable it to step up its journey towards net zero.

Part of the funds will pay for high efficiency solar panels to be installed on its roof, at the venue on Micklehurst Road.

The money will also support a series of creative outreach workshops with local schools and community groups to encourage discussion around sustainability, as well as a programme of environmentally-themed films which will launch at the venue next year.

The Vale, Mossley

It comes after The Vale announced plans in the summer to become the first venue in the country to use water to power its monthly gigs from international artists, with a team of volunteers currently working to harness the power of a small waterfall close to the building.

“We’re aware of our need to reduce our carbon footprint on our journey to net zero but also a responsibility to raise awareness of sustainability to our local communities,” said Amelia Bayliss, general manager at The Vale.

“There’s something magically interconnected about the circular nature of this funding. The run off from our hills flowing down to Saddleworth Community Hydro is generating income that they’re investing to fund more green energy like these solar panels on our roof; renewable energies begetting more renewables, working in tandem for a better future for everyone.”

The Vale team was inspired to dabble in water power by a visit to Saddleworth Community Hydro, which has been generating electricity this way since 2014.

Saddleworth Community Hydro, which has provided a grant of £17,400, is a community project that generates sustainable electricity through water power. Situated at Dovestone Reservoir in Greenfield, it’s the first hydropower system in England to make electricity through the use of an existing dam.

Its turbine generates enough sustainable electricity to power around 100 homes via the National Grid, with an annual saving of 170 tonnes of CO2 .

Other local organisations that received funding from the community project in 2023 include Saddleworth Historical Society, Uppermill Bowling Club and St Barnabas Community Centre in Oldham.

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