Appeal for help to repair Mossley ‘asset’ clock

AN APPEAL has been made for local experts who can help fix and bring back to working order a stopped clock which has not been serviced for 20 years.

People living in Mossley have voiced their concerns to the town’s council that its timepiece, located at Pennine Medical Centre, has been frozen.

Now after being quoted a four-figure sum, the authority which describes it as an ‘asset’ is on the lookout for people in the area who could lend their expertise to help repair it.

The clock on Manchester Road

A report for its meeting on Wednesday, October 18, stated: “The clock has become an asset which is appreciated by the town and has operated satisfactorily since installation.

“Regrettably the clock has stopped and concerns have been expressed by members of the community to the clerk and members.

“It appears that the clock was last serviced by Smith of Derby Ltd (the successor company to Potts and Sons of Derby) in September 2003.

“An offer was made at that time by Smith of Derby Ltd for an annual service arrangement but it appears this was not taken up.”

Smith of Derby was approached by Mossley Town Council to repair the clock, which was bought in 2001.

But the cost quoted has brought the appeal for more locally-based help – ideally someone who has worked with clocks in the past.

*ANYONE who feels they can assist Mossley Town Council is asked to contact its clerk, Mike Iveson, by either calling 07809 690890 or emailing

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  1. I’m sure if it was in Ashton it would have been serviced . Shameside just take from Mossley & never give anything in return

    1. This has nothing to do with Tameside. The clock was bought by Mossley town council who at the time I’m sure we’re run by independents.

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