Ashton golf centre scheme appears out of bounds with diners plan

A DISUSED restaurant may be converted in to two drive-through diners, including Tameside’s first branch of Burger King.

However, this plan for what was the Eat Inn, at Ashton Moss, seemingly ends a proposal to demolish it and build a golf centre in its place.

Legan and General Assurance, through its Linked Life Fund, has applied to Tameside Council to split the building into two.

Burger King has already indicated it will occupy one – operating from 6am until midnight – while talks are ongoing over the other.

Plans have been lodged to redevelop this site on Ashton Moss | Photo by Gemma Carter

Drive-through lanes will be added on either side, with one accessed through the leisure park’s main entrance and the other through its eastern route.

And even though that will mean 17 car parking spaces are lost, documents supporting the application state a belief it will ‘restore and reignite’ the area.

A jobs benefit was also highlighted.

They state: “The proposals seek to restore and reignite activity to what is currently a disused and dormant part of the park.

“The refurbished units and associated drive-through lanes will also attract additional visitors, provide employment opportunity and be a positive contribution to the leisure park and the wider area.

“There are currently no Burger King restaurants in Tameside, with the closest restaurant to the Site currently in Manchester City Centre, nine kilometres to the west.

“It is anticipated that Burger King will employ approximately 25 members of staff in mix of full and part time positions.

“The majority of these jobs will be available to residents within the Tameside area. They also offer a range of staff training schemes, including apprenticeships and other staff benefits.

“The strength of the case is substantial. The existing and future footfall is the key driving factor for the proposed use in this location and to trade viably.

“It is considered that the proposed use will contribute positively towards the vitality and viability of the wider leisure park through continuing to promote linked trips with existing facilities, as well as linked trips with Ashton-under-Lyne town centre, therefore reducing the need to travel further afield.

“Whilst parking will be lost, a total of 17 spaces out of an existing provision of 1,035 is considered negligible and therefore is considered acceptable.”

Modifications will also be made to the outside walls and a ‘totem’ sign would also be erected if permission is granted.

As recently as June last year, Tameside Council gave the go ahead to demolish the Eat Inn and replace it with an indoor golf centre.

And even though that planning permission is still applicable, this latest scheme appears to signal the end of that intention.

Tameside Council’s Speaker’s Panel (Planning) committee will decide whether to grant or refuse planning permission.


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  1. Another burger bar we have plenty the chinese resturant was brilliant for families and friends, all you could eat at reasonable prices,

  2. Shows how much research your “reporters” do. Ashton town centre had a burger king years ago.
    Oh and fire your proof readers too “legan and general”???

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