Stalybridge speed camera removed following attack

Images by GGC Media

A SPEED camera appears to have been completely removed after a new pole was sliced in what may have been a targeted attack.

Equipment at Huddersfield Road in the Millbrook area of Stalybridge, outside St James’ Church, had recently been updated to one of the taller models currently being put in.

But after only being installed in mid-September, it was left against the wall after being cut in the early hours of Thursday, October 26.

The speed camera on Huddersfield Road in Millbrook

Now after workmen arrived to seemingly reinstall the camera 24 hours later, there now appears to be no sign of it ever being there.

What happened to the camera – which appeared to have had a saw or angle grinder used on it, such was the cleanliness of the slice – remains a mystery but its fate has divided opinion, with some celebrating while others believe its absence will only encourage speeding on that stretch of road.

Another newly-installed camera further down Huddersfield Road, outside St Paul’s Primary school, was attacked after it was put in. However, that has since been repaired.

The Correspondent approached Tameside Council, Transport for Greater Manchester and Greater Manchester Police for comment.

TfGM advised it would be GMP who would be leading on the incident. However, the force has not yet responded.

3 Replies to “Stalybridge speed camera removed following attack”

  1. We having kids going to school are appalled at the fact we used to have a lollypop lady! Hear they couldnt FUND! no more Im sorry but our kids lives are at risk! At least put a pelican or zebra crossing in! No instead spend the money on these which has anyone even been caught yet do they work!? I’m not convinced! These cameras won’t help a child! I hate crossing that road! At least make it safer!

  2. I would happily pay for a new, set of blades fir the saw! Well done that person! Sneaky snide council councillors coffers fund .

    1. Don’t think you’d be saying that if a speeding car killed a member of your family on that stretch of road and got away with it

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