The Theatre of Screams comes to Ashton-under-Lyne

The Theatre of Screams – Halloween Scream Maze

Metro Majestic Cinema Ashton Under Lyne

Oct 28th, 29th, 31st & Nov 11th, 12th

Calling All Fearless Adventurers!  


Are you ready to face your deepest fears? Brace yourselves for the spine-tingling, heart-pounding experience of a lifetime at “The Theatre of Screams”.
Step in and immerse yourself in a world of terror! Explore our haunted theatre, where restless creatures await! Descend into the unknown as you go deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness. What lurks beneath the surface will leave you trembling with fear!
Our nightmarish Scare attraction is open to the brave souls and adrenaline junkies who seek to conquer their deepest fears and is NOT for the Faint-Hearted. With horror themed sets, terrifying live actors who will literally make you jump out of your skin, twisting eerie crawl spaces, and jump scares all in the dark, are you brave enough to enter?
Brace yourself for terrifying encounters, unexpected horrors, and the ultimate adrenaline rush!
Will you survive “The Theatre of Screams.”
Age 15+
Tickets are currently £15, but will increase to £20!

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